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History of the Fund


In 2011, in Zolitūde (one of the regions of Latvia), the friends of Evelina Smane began gathering. In her small, two-bedroom apartment, young men and women watched films about faith, read the Bible and prayed. This is where it all started. The young friends of Evelina were attracted to the life of Mother Theresa, inspired by heros of the Bible and the Bible became an example for them. Though there were only 10 of them, they were determined—they wanted to make this world a better place. Once a week, over a cup of tea they planned who, where and how they can help.
At first, it was the grandmother next door, then it became children’s homes, homes for the elderly, fundraising events for low-income families, and helping children with cancer. Sometimes there were as many as 50 volunteers – these became the initiators of good changes in Latvia, and soon after in other countries around the world: Ukraine and Tanzania.
In 2012, Evelina Smane registered a charity foundation called ‘Healing by Love’.
Evelina is confident that, “Healing by love is not just from God to people, but also from people to people. Love is the foundation, it’s our motivation and the only force that is able to transform and truly change a person’s life at the root. Our Great God is in need of simple people that will allow Him to act through them—just begin!”

Charity Founder/Evelina's Story

Evelina Smane is a missionary, speaker, author and founder of the charitable foundation ‘Healing Вy Love’. Originally from Riga, Latvia, Evelina dedicated her life to God at the age of 15. At 16, she began to lead a home Bible study group. Since 2012, she has been serving those in need both locally and globally.


“Mother Teresa became an example for me, a representation of love and dedication to God and people at the age of five,” says Evelina. “My mom played me videotapes about her and her ministry, and I watched them many times at home. From an early age, a desire appeared in my heart to help those in need. I saw how my mother helped grandmothers on the street. And the older I got, the more this desire increased in me - to go where nobody wants to go. To go to the dying and forgotten people, in the most remote corners of the earth, and tell them that they have a hope and future. I understood then and I understand now that I can’t change the whole world, but I can change the world of one person, just like you can!”


When Evelina was 23 years old, she built a church in Tanzania, in the village of Kazuramimba. In remote villages of Africa, wells with clean water were dug. Hundreds of children received assistance, and at the moment, she is the official guardian of three children.


Evelina studied psychotherapy at the Institute of Humanist and Existential Psychology in Lithuania, graduated from the New Generation International Bible College in Ukraine and the Slavic Missionary Bible School in the USA (Jacksonville, Florida), as well as the Harvest School of Missions in Mozambique (Africa) under the guidance of Heidi and Roland Baker.


“He is worthy of laying our entire lives down at His feet,” assures Evelina, and encourages people to fulfill God's mission on this earth. “Jesus loves each of us, and He is very close to us. He is ready to show His strength through your weakness. He wants to reach the unattainable through you. He wants to heal broken hearts through you. Jesus is ready to walk with your feet and speak through your mouth, bringing hope to different parts of this earth. One has only to say to Him, “Here I am, send me!”, and you will see miracles and understand how great His love is for you and for the perishing world. Jesus wants to make a story through you— are you ready?”

Charity Goals & Plans

Starting in 2012, in just a few years— with God’s help and the support of financial partners and volunteers— a large number of people have been helped through this charity.

“It is time to wake up from complacency, ignorance, fear of difficulties in order to come against pain and poverty, deprivation and want, injustice and oppression, living conditions incompatible with a full life and human dignity,” Evelina inspires. “Join us and become the initiator of changes. Change the world around you, change the world of one person."

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