For many years, our work in Latvia was focused on providing help to orphanages, retirement homes, low-income families and all those who found themselves in a difficult life situation in Riga and beyond. Together with a wonderful team, we hosted dozens of events for children, we aimed to love and care for people not only with our words but with our deeds. It has been a joy to see that the work we have been doing for several years has inspired many young adults to do good deeds on regular basis, and not only in Latvia, but also in other countries. Many of them are still volunteering and serving at orphanages, some by our example, established charitable foundations and also decided to change the world around them. Isn’t that amazing? Currently we are focusing on helping people in Africa, but some charity events still continue to take place in Latvia. Visit our Facebook page for information on the following projects but while you are here, enjoy the photos and you can see with your own eyes what work has been accomplished since 2011.

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."


Mother Teresa