For many years, I had a dream to go to India and my dream came true in 2016. Since my childhood, I've watched documentaries about Mother Teresa, a woman who has completely dedicated her life to serving God and people. I read several books about Mother Teresa who inspired me to help people even more. She was serving in the city of Calcutta (India) and I wanted to visit the places where this great woman lived. I fell in love with the people there, I love Indian cuisine and I believe that one day I will definitely return there again. But in the meantime ... I’m sharing my experience and notes that I wrote while in Calcutta.

Nirmal Hriday.

"Today, I visited a home for the dying "Nirmal Hriday" which in Hindi means "pure heart."

In 1952 Mother Teresa opened the first home for dying people. Later, similar institutions came to be known as hospices.

One day Mother Teresa picked up a dirty sick person off the street. A man that had crawling lice and jumping fleas. His body had such a stench that no one wanted to be near him. Mother Teresa began to clean the lice off of him."