Our ministry in Africa (Tanzania) began in 2014. Throughout this time, God has taught us to think globally and to dream of the big changes that can take place in an entire continent. But, at the same time, being able to stop for the needs of just one person.

In 2015, a church was built in the village of Kazuramimba. Next to this church, was a well that had been drilled and it had clean water.

This church is still active today, and is under the leadership of it’s local pastors.

Beside this big project, we have many stories of different people and we are able to witness how Jesus- still today- brings hope to the most remote corners of the earth when you just stop for the one.


“Today, we visited the widow, Josephine. Thank you for your contribution in her life and her family. Thanks to your help we were able to buy her food, pay for her son's education for a whole year (he has returned to school again. Has not gone because there were no finances), bought him a school uniform, bought 4 goats and 6 chickens so that Josephine can open her own business and in the future provide for her family, and also reestablished her home (walls and roof). Her home was destroyed because of a palm tree that fell on it. Josephine is a Christian living in a Muslim village. Today she was telling us how the Muslims are asking her for the "white people" to come pray for their families, they cannot believe the miracles that are happening in this orphaned and widowed woman that is also a mother to 7 children and receives no help from anyone..But Jesus has done this.” 

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—  Evelyn Smane


As of now, we are actively engaged in our ministry, in the village of Masimba.

We have already been able to drill a well, that is 120 meters deep, and has accessible clean water.

In the near future we want to conduct electricity for the entire village, and begin construction for the preparatory and general education school. Providing education is providing a future for children.