It is possible to change the world

by changing the world of one person






our story.

How did it all begin? A group of young proactive people, or more accurately a group of friends, who for several years helped wherever they saw there was a need. For example, helping a neighbors grandma that they met, or just a neighbor. We would meet together every week and, over a cup of tea, would decide who to help, and how. We discussed kind deeds, watched motivational films, and read books that gave us inspiration. When we realized that we wanted to do even more, because our team of volunteers was beginning to grow, we made the decision to create a charitable organization.


Our goals: We believe that our society can be transformed by love, because love is the power that conquers hatred, pain, and evil. By doing good deeds, we are changing the world for the better. Our activities are aimed at helping orphanages, senior home’s, low-income families, and all those who find themselves in a difficult life situation, both in Latvia and abroad.

Believe: We believe in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and that our hope and future is found only in Him.


Live: We live not for ourselves, but to help those who are in need.


Choose: We choose love, mercy, friendship, joy, a healthy lifestyle, and to create this for the future.

Looking: We are looking for opportunities, not excuses.

Dream: We dream of making a gray life, bright. To see pain healed by love, and people’s needs fulfilled.


Africa 2018



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