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You are able to join us by:

  1. supporting us in prayers before God;

  2. becoming a volunteer (please, contact us;

  3. donating any amount God puts on your heart («Contacts» section).

Our values

Love for God and love for people

— are the fundamental values of our foundation.

We choose to live and serve God and our neighbor according to the truths recorded in the Bible.

Respect and respect for peoples, communities, cultures

We believe that every person is created in the image of God. And also, fundamental to us is the assertion that a person is more important than a project. We honor God and honor God within man.

• Family is acceptance and security
We believe that the family is a gift from God. This is a place where you feel warmth, love and security.
We are dedicated to bringing orphans home and supporting the lonely.

We see that change comes through relationships and the realization that everyone is needed and loved.


Creativity in the implementation of goals and plans

We believe that God is the Creator, and that we are created to create. We tell people about Jesus Christ through art, music, books, needlework, and more.


Passion for God's work and mission
All that we do - we will do it with all our hearts, with all our strength and with love.


We are responsible for finances, resources and every person whom God has entrusted to us.

Collaboration and unity with missions and organizations

With the goal of improving the living situation of people in Tanzania and around the world, we are looking for cooperation and are ready to join our forces and resources with other organizations, missions and churches.

Our vision

• Demonstrating the love of God.

• Speaking for those who do not have a voice.

• Protecting the poor and needy.

• Defending the rights of widows and orphans

Our mission

The ultimate end goal of our ministry is always the person.
Only the transformation of a person and his perfection in love, in the likeness of Christ, can truly change the world for the better. 

Therefore, our mission is to:

• Introduce the person to Christ.

• Inspire him to reveal his best sides.

• Help people in the realization of their inexhaustible potential, thereby bringing change to their community, city and country.

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